Kevin awakens the morning after revealing to Nora that he sees and speaks with Patti to find Nora has taken Mary and Lily and left. When Jill learns about Nora, she's afraid that her dad's behavior has once again broken up their family. On his way to work, Kevin runs into Michael who tells Kevin that his grandfather Virgil can help him get rid of his problem. After a brief visit with Virgil, Kevin is summoned to the city gates by troopers who tell him his wife, Laurie, is there. When Kevin goes to speak with Laurie at the gate, he ultimately scares her away with his odd behavior. After a quarrel with Jill, Kevin goes to the motel where Laurie is staying and divulges his plight. Laurie diagnoses Kevin as psychotic, and Kevin asks that Laurie help him on his journey to recovery. After Kevin brings Laurie home with him, he finally receives a call from Nora. After reassuring Kevin that she would believe him if he said that Patti was no longer haunting him, Kevin storms off leaving a flustered Jill and Laurie behind. He goes to Virgil and submits himself to Virgil's plan to help him rid himself of Patti.

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The Leftovers Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Leftovers
2:1 Axis Mundi Oct 4, 2015
2:2 A Matter of Geography Oct 11, 2015
2:3 Off Ramp Oct 18, 2015
2:4 Orange Sticker Oct 25, 2015
2:5 No Room at the Inn Nov 1, 2015
2:6 Lens Nov 8, 2015
2:7 A Most Powerful Adversary Nov 15, 2015
2:8 International Assassin Nov 22, 2015
2:9 Ten Thirteen Nov 29, 2015
2:10 I Live Here Now Dec 6, 2015