Ofwarren's daughter is handed over to Commander Putnam and his wife and Ofwarren is transferred to another couple and renamed Ofdaniel. However, Offred is worried about her mental state. During the first Ceremony night with her new Commander, Ofdaniel forcefully stops it. At the market, Alma pulls Offred aside and tells her that she is involved with the resistance group Mayday and requests that Offred retrieve a package from the bar at Jezebel's. Offred convinces Waterford to take her to Jezebel's again that night. After Offred and Waterford have sex in their room, he presents Moira as he believes they have a sexual attraction. Offred asks Moira to retrieve the package, but she refuses, seemingly resigned to her fate. The next day Offred is taken to a bridge where Ofdaniel is standing on the edge with baby Charlotte while Gileadan guards, the Putnams, Waterfords, and Aunt Lydia stand fearfully by. Ofdaniel shouts that Commander Putnam promised to leave his wife for her. Offred convinces Ofdaniel to give her the child but Ofdaniel then jumps into the icy water below. Later, while Ofdaniel lies comatose in hospital, Commander Putnam is led away by guards. When Serena Joy tries to offer comfort to Mrs. Putnam, she reminds Serena of the fate the first Offred, causing Serena to doubt her husband's loyalty. At the market, Offred is given a package by the butcher, sent by Moira from Jezebel's. At the brothel, Moira kills a client and takes his clothes, jubilantly driving off in his car.

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The Handmaid's Tale Season 1

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performed by Amon Tobin

performed by Aisha Badru

performed by Destiny's Child

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  • Type: Song

performed by Les Cautionneurs

The Bridge


The Bridge


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The Bridge

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