Freddy Rumsen strikes out during a pitch meeting with his team; ever-eager Pete seizes a chance to exploit an opportunity at the office; an old friend is the beneficiary of Don's loyalty; Sara Beth proves to be a welcome ally for Betty. The characters react to Marilyn Monroe's death, dating the action to the time on and around August 5, 1962.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It shows these books...

Ship of Fools
written by

This Book is shown on Six Month Leave part of Mad Men Season 2
Betty reads this book in the middle of the day, while listening to the radio.

It refers to these musicals...

Gypsy: A Musical Fable
composed by Jule Styne; written by and

This Musical is referred to by Six Month Leave part of Mad Men Season 2
Betty's friend Sarah Beth comes to the house to borrow a cocktail dress. Betty suggests an orange dress with white gloves, saying she would look like sherbet. Sarah Beth tells her she can't pull off white gloves after seeing 'Gypsy'. We know they are talking about the stage musical rather than the movie because the movie was released after Marilyn Monroe's death which was prominently featured in this episode.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

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Mad Men
2:1 For Those Who Think Young Jul 27, 2008
2:2 Flight 1 Aug 3, 2008
2:3 The Benefactor Aug 10, 2008
2:4 Three Sundays Aug 17, 2008
2:5 The New Girl Aug 24, 2008
2:6 Maidenform Aug 31, 2008
2:7 The Gold Violin Sep 7, 2008
2:8 A Night to Remember Sep 14, 2008
2:9 Six Month Leave Sep 28, 2008
2:10 The Inheritance Oct 5, 2008
2:11 The Jet Set Oct 12, 2008
2:12 The Mountain King Oct 19, 2008
2:13 Meditations in an Emergency Oct 26, 2008