After winning a Clio Award for the Glo-Coat ad, an inebriated Don inadvertently pitches executives from Quaker Oats a slogan for Life cereal that came from Roger's wife's cousin. Peggy secludes herself in a hotel room with the firm's new artistic director Stan Rizzo in order to complete a campaign. Pete is upset when he finds out that his one-time rival Ken Cosgrove will be joining the firm. Roger dictates his memoirs, and his initial encounter with Don is recounted.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these television series...

Candid Camera

This Television Series is referred to by Waldorf Stories part of Mad Men Season 4
After interviewing Roger's wife, Jane's cousin, Don asks Peggy if they are on Candid Camera.
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Peyton Place

This Television Series is referred to by Waldorf Stories part of Mad Men Season 4
Harry gives away the storyline of a few upcoming episodes of Peyton Place to the Life cereal executives, trying to keep them entertained while Roger and Don return to the office from the award ceremony.
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It plays these songs...

The Star-Spangled Banner
composed by John Stafford Smith; written by

This Song is played in Waldorf Stories part of Mad Men Season 4

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4:2 Christmas Comes But Once a Year Aug 1, 2010
4:3 The Good News Aug 8, 2010
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4:5 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword Aug 22, 2010
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4:11 Chinese Wall Oct 3, 2010
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