An edict from Roger and Lane puts Pete in a personal dilemma, as he must confront his father-in-law about an account. Pete also finds out from him the news that his wife is pregnant. A focus group for Pond's Cold Cream leads to a confrontation between Don and Allison over their one-night stand. Peggy begins a friendship with an employee of Life magazine who works in the building, and reacts to the news of Pete's upcoming fatherhood.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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The Honeymooners

This Television Series is referred to by The Rejected part of Mad Men Season 4
Harry tells Pete that Ken Cosgrove is engaged, and that his father-in-law to be is rich, giving Ken and his fiancee tickets to the opera. Harry remarks that his father-in-law is just a bus driver, so the only place his father-in-law can take him is to the moon. This is a reference to the television series The Honeymooners, where the main character Ralph Kramden, is a bus driver, one of his catchphrases being "To the moon!".
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Mad Men Season 4

# Title Air Date
Mad Men
4:1 Public Relations Jul 25, 2010
4:2 Christmas Comes But Once a Year Aug 1, 2010
4:3 The Good News Aug 8, 2010
4:4 The Rejected Aug 15, 2010
4:5 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword Aug 22, 2010
4:6 Waldorf Stories Aug 29, 2010
4:7 The Suitcase Sep 5, 2010
4:8 The Summer Man Sep 12, 2010
4:9 The Beautiful Girls Sep 19, 2010
4:10 Hands and Knees Sep 26, 2010
4:11 Chinese Wall Oct 3, 2010
4:12 Blowing Smoke Oct 10, 2010
4:13 Tomorrowland Oct 17, 2010