Eve and Carolyn track down Nadia to a Moscow prison, and are allowed to speak to her due to Carolyn's camaraderie with two Russian Intelligence officers, one of whom is Konstantin. Eve and Carolyn offer Nadia a deal, but before she can accept, she's killed by Villanelle, whom Konstantin had transferred into the prison for that purpose.

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Killing Eve Season 1

# Title Air Date
Killing Eve
1:1 Nice Face Apr 8, 2018
1:2 I'll Deal With Him Later Apr 15, 2018
1:3 Don't I Know You? Apr 22, 2018
1:4 Sorry Baby Apr 29, 2018
1:5 I Have A Thing About Bathrooms May 6, 2018
1:6 Take Me to the Hole! May 13, 2018
1:7 I Don't Want to Be Free May 20, 2018
1:8 God, I'm Tired May 27, 2018