After Alfred gets robbed by his long-time drug dealer and he and Earn return from a failed meeting at a start-up—which involved meeting fellow rapper Clark County and his manager Lucas—Darius gifts Earn his half from the dog breeding operation (from season 1 episode "The Streisand Effect") which Tracy flips into an $8000 gift card. While Alfred and Darius look into getting a new dealer, Earn and Tracy head to the mall for a shopping spree; however, Tracy ends up abandoning Earn to head to a job interview after shoplifting several pairs of shoes and the card is shut down once the mall begins to catch on to their fraud. At his job interview, Tracy is told there are no positions available and he furiously accuses the firm of racism.

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Atlanta Season 2 - Robbin' Season

# Title Air Date
2:1 Alligator Man Mar 1, 2018
2:1 Alligator Man Mar 1, 2018
2:2 Sportin' Waves Mar 8, 2018
2:3 Money Bag Shawty Mar 15, 2018
2:4 Helen Mar 22, 2018
2:5 Barbershop Mar 29, 2018
2:6 Teddy Perkins Apr 5, 2018
2:7 Champagne Papi Apr 12, 2018
2:8 Woods Apr 19, 2018
2:8 Woods Apr 19, 2018
2:9 North of the Border Apr 26, 2018
2:10 FUBU May 3, 2018
2:11 Crabs in a Barrell May 10, 2018