Rufus finds a final punishment for Jenny when she sends a Gossip Girl gossip bomb involving Dan and Serena, creating troubles for their relationships with Vanessa and Nate. Thinking Blair doesn't love him anymore, a broken-hearted Chuck finds a lonely Jenny, as they spend the night together. Chuck is then in the middle of proposing to Blair, when Dan comes and punches him, and Blair finds out that Jenny and Chuck slept together. She and Serena leave for Paris while Dan is left buying a ticket to Paris. Dorota and Vanya welcome their baby. Georgina returns to the Upper East Side with a surprise for Dan. The last scene shows 2 thugs stealing a ring that Chuck was going to give to Blair; he struggles and ends up getting shot and left to die in the alley.

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Last Tango in Paris

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  • Type: Movie
This Movie is referred to by Last Tango, Then Paris part of Gossip Girl Season 3
The title of this episode of 'Gossip Girl' is taken from the film 'Last Tango in Paris'.
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