A new faculty advisor, Mr. Cannon, joins West Bev, who immediately gets on the wrong side of Naomi, who after being humiliated by him makes up rumors about sexual harassment. Meanwhile Adrianna tells her friends about her feelings for Gia. Dixon and his birth mother, Dana, continue to bond who lures him into her casual habit of sports betting. Liam and Annie witness Liam's stepfather with another woman which leads to Liam leaving home. Dana sees Kai make a pass at Debbie. At the end, Jasper calls Annie insinuating he is about to commit suicide, which leaves her feeling guilty.

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90210 Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 To New Beginnings! Sep 8, 2009
2:3 Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat Sep 22, 2009
2:4 The Porn King Sep 29, 2009
2:7 Unmasked Oct 20, 2009
2:8 Women's Intuition Nov 3, 2009
2:12 Winter Wonderland Dec 8, 2009
2:13 Rats and Heroes Mar 9, 2010
2:14 Girl Fight! Mar 16, 2010
2:16 Clark Raving Mad Mar 30, 2010
2:19 Multiple Choices Apr 27, 2010