Esteban and Guillermo take Nancy to the airport, where they plan to find Stevie. Nancy makes contact with Andy, telling him they are going to use "Plan C". After Esteban threatens Silas and takes Stevie, Nancy agrees to leave the airport with them, and they tell her that they intend to kill her. Andy, Silas, Shane and Mr. Schiff board the plane to Copenhagen (via Paris), but Mr. Schiff is arrested for robbing the post office. As Nancy leaves the airport, the FBI are waiting for them outside. As part of "Plan C", she confesses to the murder of Pilar, thus saving her own life after ensuring the safety of her family.

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Weeds Season 6

# Title Air Date
6:1 Thwack Aug 16, 2010
6:2 Felling and Swamping Aug 23, 2010
6:3 A Yippity Sippity Aug 30, 2010
6:4 Bliss Sep 13, 2010
6:5 Boomerang Sep 20, 2010
6:6 A Shoe for a Shoe Sep 27, 2010
6:7 Pinwheels and Whirligigs Oct 4, 2010
6:8 Gentle Puppies Oct 11, 2010
6:9 To Moscow, and Quickly Oct 18, 2010
6:10 Dearborn-Again Oct 25, 2010
6:11 Viking Pride Nov 1, 2010
6:12 Fran Tarkenton Nov 8, 2010
6:13 Theoretical Love is Not Dead Nov 15, 2010