Having had her van booted by the cops and, fearing the authorities will eventually track them down through the registration, Nancy decides to leave Seattle behind. Andy confronts her about the feelings that exist between the two of them, and she "releases" him from the hope of anything ever happening between them. Silas is devastated about having to leave a normal life behind and Shane manages to bluff his way out of a tough situation with the mommy group. Cesar and Ignacio, with Doug in tow, manage to track the Botwins to their motel and take Shane hostage, while the mommy group calls in child services to take Stevie. Latrice, Nancy's rival at the hotel, and her boyfriend, Quentin, discover her scheme and decide to get even for being left out.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these book series...

The Lord of the Rings

This Book Series is referred to by Boomerang part of Weeds Season 6
Doug, afraid that he is about to be killed by Cesar and Ignacio, says that God doesn't want him to die. He confesses that he tried to read The Bible, but never finished because "it felt like a much less awesome version of 'Lord of the Rings'.".
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Weeds Season 6

# Title Air Date
6:1 Thwack Aug 16, 2010
6:2 Felling and Swamping Aug 23, 2010
6:3 A Yippity Sippity Aug 30, 2010
6:4 Bliss Sep 13, 2010
6:5 Boomerang Sep 20, 2010
6:6 A Shoe for a Shoe Sep 27, 2010
6:7 Pinwheels and Whirligigs Oct 4, 2010
6:8 Gentle Puppies Oct 11, 2010
6:9 To Moscow, and Quickly Oct 18, 2010
6:10 Dearborn-Again Oct 25, 2010
6:11 Viking Pride Nov 1, 2010
6:12 Fran Tarkenton Nov 8, 2010
6:13 Theoretical Love is Not Dead Nov 15, 2010



performed by Altitude Music

performed by Lucy Schwartz

performed by The Summer Set