Dexter and Lumen's plans are momentarily thwarted when Dexter is forced to do damage control after he concedes that someone, outside of Miami Metro, has taken an interest in them. Debra's speculation on the missing Barrel Girls suspects begins to take shape. Quinn finds himself more involved in a homicide than he'd like to be.

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Bonnie and Clyde

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie
This Movie is referred to by Hop a Freighter part of Dexter Season 5
Masuka suggests that the vigilantes are like Bonnie and Clyde, and Dexter (who is one of them) worries because they died in a hail of gunfire.
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Dexter Season 5

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5:1 My Bad Sep 26, 2010
5:2 Hello, Bandit Oct 3, 2010
5:3 Practically Perfect Oct 10, 2010
5:4 Beauty and the Beast Oct 17, 2010
5:5 First Blood Oct 24, 2010
5:6 Everything is Illuminated Oct 31, 2010
5:7 Circle Us Nov 7, 2010
5:8 Take It! Nov 14, 2010
5:9 Teenage Wasteland Nov 21, 2010
5:10 In the Beginning Nov 28, 2010
5:11 Hop a Freighter Dec 5, 2010
5:12 The Big One Dec 12, 2010