To avoid doing any actual work, freshly unpacked Daisy plans a housewarming party - something to make their home the "new hub of North London." Unfortunately, all of Tim's friends are busy attending skateboarding meets or science fiction conventions (except for Mike Watt, present to provide door security), and Daisy's media contacts extend about as far as the paperboy (except for Twist Morgan, present to provide fashion commentary), so there is hardly any guests (except for Marsha, present to consume alcohol, and Brian Topp, present to provide artistic critique of Daisy's baco-foil decorations). Brian discovers Daisy and Tim are not really dating after they slip up by mentioning they have separate rooms. Meanwhile, Marsha's daughter Amber is throwing her own party in conflict to the housewarming party (such that it is one).

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Spaced Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Beginnings Sep 24, 1999
1:2 Gatherings Oct 1, 1999
1:3 Art Oct 8, 1999
1:4 Battles Oct 15, 1999
1:5 Chaos Oct 20, 1999
1:6 Epiphanies Oct 29, 1999
1:7 Ends Nov 5, 1999


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Season:  2  / Episode:  22 
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