Sookie is transported to the fairy world, where she is reunited with her grandfather, Earl. She quickly learns that the fairies have lied to her and that she, and possibly other humans, are in danger. Sookie manages to escape back to Bon Temps and discovers that she has been gone for a year; Jason, who has become a police officer, has sold her house to a mystery buyer. Sookie hires Portia Bellefleur, Andy's lawyer sister, to buy back her house from the buyer. Andy has become addicted to V. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric work the media to win back human public opinion after the Russell Edgington incident. Jessica learns that living with a human may not be such a good idea. Bill has deposed the Queen of Louisiana and become its King. Jesus takes Lafayette to a witch's coven meeting; the coven's powerful leader Marnie, soon takes a keen interest in him. Arlene's baby displays disturbing traits. After town-hopping for a year, Tara has settled into a life in New Orleans as a cage-fighter named Toni, and is romantically involved with a fellow fighter, Naomi. Jason returns to Hotshot, of which he is now sole guardian since Crystal disappeared, but he is betrayed and locked in a freezer. Eric visits Sookie and reveals that he bought her house in order to own her; he declares that she is his.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It plays these songs...

performed by Slick Idiot

This Song is played in She's Not There part of True Blood Season 4
This song plays as Jessica dances at Fangtasia, and gets noticed by a fangbanger.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

True Blood Season 4

# Title Air Date
True Blood
4:10 Burning Down the House Apr 28, 2011
4:1 She's Not There Jun 26, 2011
4:2 You Smell Like Dinner Jul 3, 2011
4:3 If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'? Jul 10, 2011
4:4 I'm Alive and On Fire Jul 17, 2011
4:5 Me and the Devil Jul 24, 2011
4:6 I Wish I Was the Moon Jul 31, 2011
4:7 Cold Grey Light of Dawn Aug 7, 2011
4:8 Spellbound Aug 14, 2011
4:9 Let's Get Out of Here Aug 21, 2011
4:11 Soul of Fire Sep 4, 2011
4:12 And When I Die Sep 11, 2011

She's Not There
performed by Glee Cast and Zombie Titans; features Cory Monteith

She's Not There
performed by Neko Case and Nick Cave

She's Not There
performed by The Zombies

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