Doug discovers irregularities in the bookkeeping at his new company; Tillerman encourages him to overlook them. After saving Charles from a hypoglycemic attack, Andy breaks off his relationship with Maxeen. Nancy and Silas fly to California for a custody hearing. As a legal tactic, Jill's lawyer postpones the hearing for two months. This infuriates Nancy as intended, and she storms to Jill's house and makes a scene. Thanks to Silas, Nancy receives an unofficial audience with the family court judge. He encourages her to "return to those who helped you succeed... Be the Nancy who raised Silas." To that end, she visits Heylia James, who is not happy to see Nancy again.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these television series...

Everybody Loves Raymond

This Television Series is referred to by Fingers Only Meat Banquet part of Weeds Season 7
As Nancy, Silas and Nancy's attorney fly from NYC to California for the custody hearing, Silas tells Nancy he just wants to relax and watch 'Everybody Loves Raymond' on the plane.
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It refers to these movie series...

Austin Powers

This Movie Series is referred to by Fingers Only Meat Banquet part of Weeds Season 7
Silas tries to help Nancy by talking to the Judge in the custody hearing, which has been rescheduled. Silas pleads with the Judge to reconsider the hearing, telling him that Nancy has been a good mother. He mentions that she made him an Austin Powers Halloween costume when he was 10 years old.
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It refers to these books...

The Tell-Tale Heart
written by

  • Date:
  • Type: Book
This Book is referred to by Fingers Only Meat Banquet part of Weeds Season 7
Maxeen reads 'The Tell-Tale Heart' to Charles, her husband who is sick in bed, dying from cancer.

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