After testing positive for marijuana use, Ed arranges for Nancy to start anti-drug classes run by Ms. Keen. "You need a job, to accrue savings, establish a residence, and show family support" to leave the halfway house. Jill tells Nancy that she intends to seek full custody of Stevie. At Nancy's urging Shane obtains admission to City College of New York. Doug gets a job as a CPA from his college friend. Silas gets his first gig as an underwear model in New York City, but he storms out in an angry fit after he almost suffocates. Andy, who saved Silas's life, lands a date with the shoot's producer. Nancy trades Zoya's weapons for pot from the Sarge and discovers an opening in the sales market. When Silas discovers that Nancy is dealing again, he manipulates her to obtain a cut in her action.

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Weeds Season 7

# Title Air Date
7:1 Bags Jun 27, 2011
7:2 From Trauma Cometh Something Jul 4, 2011
7:3 Game-Played Jul 11, 2011
7:4 A Hole in Her Niqab Jul 18, 2011
7:5 Fingers Only Meat Banquet Jul 25, 2011
7:6 Object Impermanence Aug 1, 2011
7:7 Vehement v. Vigorous Aug 8, 2011
7:8 Synthetics Aug 15, 2011
7:9 Cats! Cats! Cats! Aug 22, 2011
7:10 System Overhead Aug 29, 2011
7:11 Une Mere Que J'aimerais Baiser Sep 12, 2011
7:12 Qualitative Spatial Reasoning Sep 19, 2011
7:13 Do Her/Don't Do Her Sep 26, 2011