Jane gets a rough start in her new New York homicide squad when she questions her new colleagues’ work on a mysterious murder case. After complaining to her lieutenant about not getting cases, Jane manages to find a unique angle to help solve a crime. Meanwhile, Jane goes to her father for advice.

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Prime Suspect Season 1

# Title Air Date
Prime Suspect
1:1 Pilot Sep 22, 2011
1:2 Carnivorous Sheep Sep 29, 2011
1:3 Bitch Oct 6, 2011
1:4 Great Guy, Yet Dead Oct 13, 2011
1:5 Regrets, I've Had A Few Oct 27, 2011
1:6 Shame Nov 3, 2011
1:7 Wednesday's Child Nov 10, 2011
1:8 Underwater Nov 17, 2011

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