The boys go on a trip to the water park, where Cartman is distraught to discover that many people from minority groups are in attendance. Cartman calculates there will be no white people left by the year 2012, which he believes is in accordance with the Mayans' prediction of the end of the world. Meanwhile, Kyle is disgusted to learn that most people freely urinate in the pools. The park owner refuses to close and evacuate the park after tests show that its water is 98 percent urine. Consequently overcome by urine tsunamis, the park is quarantined. Rescue operations are delayed until an antidote is found for the "pee contamination" that is believed to have turned the survivors inside into mutants. Cartman finds himself in an inflatable raft where he is the only white person, prompting him to think that the 2012 scenario occurred three years early, and that he is the last of his kind. Kyle, who refused to get into the pee-infested water all day, has to drink urine before he can reach an emergency release valve. However, much to his annoyance, they are rescued immediately afterward.

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South Park Season 13

# Title Air Date
South Park
13:1 The Ring Mar 11, 2009
13:2 The Coon Mar 18, 2009
13:3 Margaritaville Mar 25, 2009
13:4 Eat, Pray, Queef Apr 1, 2009
13:5 Fishsticks Apr 8, 2009
13:6 Pinewood Derby Apr 15, 2009
13:7 Fatbeard Apr 22, 2009
13:8 Dead Celebrities Oct 7, 2009
13:9 Butters' Bottom Bitch Oct 14, 2009
13:10 W.T.F. Oct 21, 2009
13:11 Whale Whores Oct 28, 2009
13:12 The F Word Nov 4, 2009
13:13 Dances with Smurfs Nov 11, 2009
13:14 Pee Nov 18, 2009


Season:  5  / Episode:  9 



Season:  5  / Episode:  15 
The Pie