Hank overstays his welcome at Karen's and prepares to hit the road with one last stop at Malibar. There he bumps into Lizzie, who uses her new acting skills to lure him back to Charlie's place, which is full of his loved ones, plus Sam, Kali, Tyler, and Gabriel. The party ends abruptly when Hank has a run-in with Tyler after catching him with Kali in the bathroom.

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This Book is referred to by The Party part of Californication Season 5
Hank tells Lizzy that she's going to have to tie him up, like in Misery.

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The Iron Giant

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This Movie is shown on The Party part of Californication Season 5
Charlie, his son, and Hank all watch this film.
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5:2 The Way of the Fist Jan 15, 2012
5:3 Boys & Girls Jan 20, 2012
5:4 Waiting for the Miracle Jan 29, 2012
5:5 The Ride Along Feb 5, 2012
5:6 Love Song Feb 12, 2012
5:7 Here I Go Again Feb 19, 2012
5:8 Raw Feb 26, 2012
5:9 At the Movies Mar 4, 2012
5:10 Perverts & Whores Mar 10, 2012
5:11 The Party Mar 18, 2012
5:12 Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be Mar 25, 2012


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Season:  1  / Episode:  16 
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