Aidan tries to keep the peace in Boston by trying to satisfy Bishop's followers with donated blood until Mother, the queen of the vampires, arrives to pass judgement on Aidan and the others. Nora moves in with Josh, Aidan, and Sally, and while unable to see her, convinces Sally to attend her high school reunion. As the full moon approaches, Nora starts asking Josh things about what he goes through, fearing that she too is now a werewolf. Sally attends her reunion, meeting with her high school friend Stevie Adkins who committed suicide their junior year, and Diane Alcott, the vapid prom queen who died on a missionary trip in Africa. When Diane ignores Stevie, even in death, Sally confronts her, leading to Diane having a revelation and her Door appearing to send her to the otherside. Upset as she missed her Door, Stevie consoles her by telling her that she can still dream in death. When she is alone that night, she sleeps and has a dream where she sees her door. When she opens it, she is attacked by some unknown dark force, causing her to abruptly wake up and find herself floating several feet in the air. Aidan appears before the council of vampires at the Halloway Hotel and Mother who decides that Bishop's "orphans" are to be culled and Aidan will be the second-in-command to her own daughter who will control Boston. She also adds that if Aidan is successful in grooming her daughter, he will be free of the council. That night, Nora drops Josh off in the woods so he can transform, and when she begins to hear his transformation, she is relieved that she has not been infected until she doubles over in pain and transforms, as well. As she is trapped in the car and calling out to him, Josh is shot at by Heggeman who has been tasked by Mother to kill him to remove any distractions to keep Aidan focused on her daughter. As Heggeman lifts the gun to shoot Josh again, the screen cuts to black, and a shot is heard.

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Being Human Season 2

# Title Air Date
Being Human
2:1 Turn This Mother Out Jan 16, 2012
2:2 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? Jan 23, 2012
2:3 All Out of Blood Jan 30, 2012
2:4 (I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons Feb 6, 2012
2:5 Addicted to Love Feb 13, 2012
2:6 Mama Said There's Be Decades Like This Feb 20, 2012
2:7 The Ties That Blind Feb 27, 2012
2:8 I've Got You Under My Skin Mar 5, 2012
2:9 When I Think About You I Shred Myself Mar 12, 2012
2:10 Dream Reaper Mar 19, 2012
2:11 Don't Fear the Scott Mar 26, 2012
2:12 Partial Eclipse of the Heart Apr 2, 2012
2:13 It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To Apr 9, 2012