Tensions run high when Cutler takes Tom under his wing and persuades him to kill the Old Ones on a full moon after luring them into an empty hall. Although Tom is at first doubtful and unhappy to be 'treated as a weapon', he later agrees to Cutler's plans. Annie travels into purgatory with Eve, who shows her the future and tells her that she (Eve) is actually the Nemesis who is to kill the baby in order to prevent the future from ever happening. Hal and Cutler are reunited for the first time since 1950, where it is revealed that Hal was the one who changed an unwilling Cutler into a vampire. Cutler tries to get Hal back to his old ways of drinking blood and eventually suceeds in breaking Hal down. The blood sends Hal into overdrive and he repulses Alex with his crude and unusual behaviour when they meet up for a second date. Alex leaves angrily but is followed by one of Cutler's men. Meanwhile, Eve reveals to Annie that in her future, most of humankind are dead and vampires now rule every inch of the country. Annie is shocked to learn that Tom has died and Hal is the ruthless leader of the new vampire revolution. Annie herself has faded away into nothingness after the anguish of burying her loved ones became too much to bear. To fulfill the prophecy, Eve asks Annie to kill her when she is a baby after Eve herself has failed after several attempts. Hal discovers that Tom is in danger after Cutler reveals he intends to unleash a transformed Tom on a group of unsuspecting people in order to impress the Old Ones. Cutler reveals Alex's dead body drained of blood as revenge for Hal murdering his wife in 1950. Cutler then locks Hal up but Alex returns as a ghost and helps Hal escape. As the building fills with young people arriving for a dance, Cutler locks Tom in a closet, knowing that when he is released, footage of Tom brutally killing innocent people will be all over the media. However, Hal and Alex manage to help everyone escape, leaving Hal to confront the werewolf alone. The episode ends with the Old Ones arriving in Barry.

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Being Human (UK) Season 4

# Title Air Date
Being Human (UK)
4:1 Eve of the War Feb 5, 2012
4:2 Being Human 1955 Feb 12, 2012
4:3 The Graveyard Shift Feb 19, 2012
4:4 A Spectre Calls Feb 26, 2012
4:5 Hold the Front Page Mar 4, 2012
4:6 Puppy Love Mar 11, 2012
4:7 Making History Mar 18, 2012
4:8 The War Child Mar 25, 2012

Making History