With Lara still in Paris, oblivious to Dana's worsening health, Alice maintains a bedside vigil for Dana at the hospital in Los Angeles. Across town, Jenny introduces Max to her former boyfriend, Tim, who has re-married, and who still harbors a grudge against Jenny. Carmen evens the score with Shane by telling her that she too was unfaithful. Meanwhile, Peggy Peabody arrives back in town to help Helena with the lawsuit served by the double-crossing Dylan and her scheming partner Danny. Also, Tina has a lunch date with Henry and his friends. Kit becomes impatient with Angus when he's late for their afternoon date. In upstate Washington, a frustrated Bette leaves the Buddhist retreat, but receives a dose of life wisdom from an unexpected source at a bus stop. Dana passes away at the end of the episode, and Alice is overcome with grief, as she arrived back to Dana's room minutes after she dies.

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The L Word Season 3

# Title Air Date
The L Word
3:1 Labia Majora Jan 8, 2006
3:2 Lost Weekend Jan 15, 2006
3:3 Lobsters Jan 22, 2006
3:4 Light My Fire Jan 29, 2006
3:5 Lifeline Feb 5, 2006
3:6 Lifesize Feb 12, 2006
3:7 Lone Star Feb 19, 2006
3:8 Latecomer Feb 26, 2006
3:9 Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way Mar 5, 2006
3:10 Losing the Light Mar 12, 2006
3:11 Last Dance Mar 19, 2006
3:12 Left Hand of the Goddess Mar 26, 2006