Fanny melodramatically pouts about all of Hubbell's assets being left to Michelle. Michelle is visited by a pushy real estate agent, Clair, who shows her around the seven-acre estate and scares Michelle with horror stories of required maintenance. Frustrated, Michelle finds Hubbell's restored Mustang convertible in a garage and takes it for a drive; when it breaks down, she meets the mysterious and rich Grant who lives on a large estate. While telling Grant she has no reason to stay in Paradise, Michelle receives a text from the girls; her reaction shows the viewer she's forming a relationship with them. Melanie's older brother comes to a dance practice; Boo has a crush on him and is embarrassed by Sasha. As the girls are picked up, it's revealed Boo has a down-to-earth, loving mother while Sasha's is cold and aloof. Michelle later finds Sasha practicing alone in the studio at night.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Bunheads Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:2 For Fanny Jun 10, 2012
1:1 Pilot Jun 11, 2012
1:3 Inherit the Wind Jun 25, 2012
1:4 Better Luck Next Year Jul 9, 2012
1:5 Money for Nothing Jul 16, 2012
1:6 Movie Truck Jul 23, 2012
1:7 What's Your Damage, Heather Jul 30, 2012
1:8 Blank Up, It's Time Aug 6, 2012
1:9 No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons Aug 13, 2012
1:10 A Nutcracker in Paradise Aug 20, 2012
1:11 You Wanna See Something? Jan 7, 2013
1:12 Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor Jan 14, 2013
1:13 I'll Be Your Meyer Lansky Jan 21, 2013
1:18 Next! Feb 25, 2013