After seventy-seven days in the hospital, Nancy is almost ready to be released. All she has to do is make it up a flight of stairs and the doctors will release her. She has an epiphany about her life and decides that she and her family will change for the better. But her new-found generosity gets her in trouble when she runs afoul of a hospital clown who sells marijuana lollipops to patients when she starts handing out her own pot cookies for free. Thanks to a false rumor about Nancy being in the Mafia, the clown backs off. Jill's ex-husband catches her and Andy having sex and storms out. Silas is dubious about his mother's new outlook on life. Shane takes a shining to a fellow cop-in-training and figures out the identity of Nancy's shooter. Nancy conquers the staircase and is released.

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Weeds Season 8

# Title Air Date
8:1 Messy Jul 1, 2012
8:2 A Beam of Sunshine Jul 8, 2012
8:3 See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die Jul 15, 2012
8:4 Only Judy Can Judge Jul 20, 2012
8:5 Red in Tooth and Claw Jul 29, 2012
8:6 Allosaurus Crush Castle Aug 5, 2012
8:7 Unfreeze Aug 12, 2012
8:8 Five Miles From Yetzer Hara Aug 19, 2012
8:9 Saplings Aug 26, 2012
8:10 Threshold Sep 2, 2012
8:11 God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise Sep 9, 2012
8:12 It's Time (Part 1) Sep 16, 2012
8:13 It's Time (Part 2) Sep 16, 2012