Castle wakes to find a half-clothed Beckett in his room. They speak of how this wasn't a one-time thing and spending the day in bed together, but then he hears mother Martha and hungover daughter Alexis enter the apartment. Beckett is able to sneak out. Castle later arrives at Beckett's home, just minutes before Ryan arrives to discuss the Maddox/Smith case. The retired Beckett refuses, but Castle assists him. They are able to link Maddox, Mr. Smith, and Senator William Bracken (Jack Coleman) together. Beckett deduces that Bracken was responsible for her mother's death and confronts him. They both know that she cannot kill him, so she threatens to release information obtained about him to the press should anything happen to her. Captain Gates allows Beckett to return to her job, but after she completes her suspension.

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Castle Season 5

# Title Air Date
5:1 After the Storm Sep 24, 2012
5:2 Cloudy With a Chance of Murder Oct 1, 2012
5:3 Secret's Safe with Me Oct 8, 2012
5:4 Murder, He Wrote Oct 15, 2012
5:5 Probable Cause Oct 29, 2012
5:6 Swan Song Nov 5, 2012
5:7 The Final Frontier Nov 12, 2012
5:8 After Hours Nov 19, 2012
5:11 Under the Influence Jan 14, 2013
5:16 Hunt Feb 25, 2013

After the Storm
performed by Mumford & Sons

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  • Type: Song

After The Storm
performed by Wynn Stewart