Emily tries to get everything back to normal with Will, since she confessed her love to him; Emily is put on the case of a man who needs a heart transplant but with his medical condition it isn't possible. Emily begins to notice that the nurses may be mad at her because they put her on a case of a woman who is OCD, and needs her to always clean. Tyra tries to help Emily with the nurses hating her, while Emily tries to get Tyra's mind off Jessica, the nurse who's having an affair with her father. Micah's mom starts to question the chemotherapy treatments; Emily tells Will that she's okay with him not liking her, until he says that he does having feelings for her, but doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Emily continues to fight for her patients rights' when her OCD patient tells her of laws that could help her, only to discover that the patient could have a brain tumor. Dr. Bendari gets even angrier at Emily when she finds out that she went over her head to get the MRI, and Micah tells Emily about his moms chemo.

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