Don has a toothache that brings up painful memories of his brother as the firm looks to expand after a profitable quarter with Joan running the books. Roger seeks to expand the affair with Megan's mother and asks her to join him on a second LSD trip. Pete has a "last" encounter with Beth and finds she is receiving shock treatment. Megan struggles to find acting work and asks for Don's help getting an audition for a commercial at the agency to jump-start her career. Peggy is adjusting to her new agency and enjoying the challenge of an upcoming campaign bid for Virginia Slims, but still seeks Don's approval.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these television series...

Dark Shadows

This Television Series is referred to by The Phantom part of Mad Men Season 5
Megan's friend worked for three days on this TV show.
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It shows these books...

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Mad Men Season 5

# Title Air Date
Mad Men
5:1 A Little Kiss Mar 25, 2012
5:2 A Little Kiss (Part 2) Mar 25, 2012
5:3 Tea Leaves Apr 1, 2012
5:4 Mystery Date Apr 8, 2012
5:5 Signal 30 Apr 15, 2012
5:6 Far Away Places Apr 22, 2012
5:7 At the Codfish Ball Apr 29, 2012
5:8 Lady Lazarus May 6, 2012
5:9 Dark Shadows May 13, 2012
5:10 Christmas Waltz May 20, 2012
5:11 The Other Woman May 27, 2012
5:12 Commissions and Fees Jun 3, 2012
5:13 The Phantom Jun 10, 2012


performed by Chance


Sons of Anarchy:
Season:  1  / Episode:  3 
Fun Town

performed by Iggy Pop

performed by Kane Vale


The Phantom

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie

The Phantom
performed by Parov Stelar