While on a hunting trip in Michigan with two Chevy executives, Ken Cosgrove is accidentally shot in the side of his face with buckshot. Back in New York, Ken confides to Pete Campbell that he can no longer deal with the personal stress that Chevy is causing him. Pete sees this as his opportunity to finally handle Chevy and suggests to Ken that he manage the account. The firm's partners agree to the arrangement, and have Bob Benson on the account, too. Pete learns from Duck Phillips that Bob lied about his background. Pete tells Bob of his discovery, but reveals nothing to the firm so that he can maintain control over Bob. Don takes a day off from work, and Harry Crane calls to tell Don that Sunkist wants to expand their print ad campaign to television. Don cites the conflict with Ocean Spray, but Harry insists to the point where Roger and Don inform Jim and Ted about the development. Don tries to make it up to Ted by backing him up during a pitch to St. Joseph Aspirin, but warns Ted that his affection toward Peggy has been clouding his judgement. Betty informs Don that she and Henry are considering sending Sally to boarding school for girls. Betty and Sally take an overnight trip to visit a school. The next day, while driving home, Betty informs Sally that the school's feedback about her was positive.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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The Patty Duke Show:
Season:  2  / Episode:  2 
Practice Makes Perfect

This Television Episode is shown on The Quality of Mercy part of Mad Men Season 6
Don watches this episode while he is home "sick" with a line of dialog that sticks out, "Most people laugh at the idea of a girl playing the tuba"

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Rosemary's Baby

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie
This Movie is referred to by The Quality of Mercy part of Mad Men Season 6
Don and his wife go to the theater to see this film
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Mad Men Season 6

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Mad Men
6:1 The Doorway, Part 1 Apr 7, 2013
6:2 The Doorway, Part 2 Apr 7, 2013
6:3 Collaborators Apr 14, 2013
6:4 To Have and to Hold Apr 21, 2013
6:5 The Flood Apr 28, 2013
6:6 For Immediate Release May 5, 2013
6:7 Man with a Plan May 12, 2013
6:8 The Crash May 19, 2013
6:9 The Better Half May 26, 2013
6:10 A Tale of Two Cities Jun 2, 2013
6:11 Favors Jun 9, 2013
6:12 The Quality of Mercy Jun 16, 2013
6:13 In Care Of Jun 23, 2013