Hardman wins the partners' vote, including the vote from Louis, and replaces Jessica as managing partner. He and Louis begin making Harvey's and Mike's work lives miserable. Harvey smokes marijuana with Mike, and when Louis observes Harvey high, he has Hardman order him to take a drug test. Harvey refuses and a partners meeting is held to determine if he will be fired. At that meeting, Harvey and Mike reveal evidence (not all valid) of Hardman's past treachery, including his setting up Donna, Harvey and ultimately Jessica for the fall in the Coastal Motors case, and it is Hardman who is fired. Mike meets his childhood friend Tess at his grandmother's funeral, where Tess and Rachel support him in making a speech. Mike wants to act on the mutual attraction between him and Rachel, but she asks him to wait. Rachel then changes her mind and goes to Mike's apartment, only to discover him in bed with Tess.

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High Noon

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie

Nurse Jackie:
Season:  7  / Episode:  6 
High Noon

High Noon
performed by Tex Rutter