Chalky confronts Nucky at gunpoint and demands they get rid of Narcisse. Richard asks Nucky to disclose the location of Jimmy's body to keep Gillian in jail; in return, Nucky employs him for a hit. Richard sends Julia, Tommy, and Paul to his sister's. Nucky tells Narcisse that Chalky wants to meet. After an attempt on Torrio narrowly fails, he hands over his entire operation to Capone. Knox/Tolliver sets up an eavesdrop for the big meeting but no one shows; Eli's called to the Albatross, where Nucky puts a gun to his head until Willie intervenes. Tolliver confronts Eli in his home; they fight and Eli beats him to death. Chalky meets Narcisse at the Onyx but his bluff of providing Daughter's whereabouts is met by Narcisse's revelation that he has his daughter Maybelle. From his sniper position, Richard hesitates long enough that, when he pulls the trigger, Maybelle has moved to the table and into the shot; she is killed and Richard is mortally wounded by one of Narcisse's men. Narcisse is arrested and turned by Hoover into an informant on Marcus Garvey. Chalky retreats to Havre de Grace. Nucky sends Eli off to Chicago, where he is met by Van Alden. Richard, imagining his reunion with his new family in Wisconsin, dies peacefully under the pier.

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Boardwalk Empire Season 4

# Title Air Date
Boardwalk Empire
4:1 New York Sour Sep 8, 2013
4:2 Resignation Sep 15, 2013
4:3 Acres of Diamonds Sep 22, 2013
4:4 All In Sep 28, 2013
4:5 Erlkonig Oct 6, 2013
4:6 The North Star Oct 13, 2013
4:7 William Wilson Oct 20, 2013
4:8 The Old Ship of Zion Oct 27, 2013
4:9 Marriage and Hunting Nov 3, 2013
4:10 White Horse Pike Nov 10, 2013
4:11 Havre de Grace Nov 17, 2013
4:12 Farewell Daddy Blues Nov 24, 2013