Quarles tries to maintain control in his war with Boyd Crowder by killing a drug dealer on the Crowder payroll, taking his supplies. But his problems extend beyond Harlan, as the boss in Detroit Theo Tonin (Adam Arkin) is sending hired guns (Michael Ironside and Chris Tardio) to deal with the Quarles problem. After being embarrassed by Raylan, they find Wynn Duffy, and put him in contact with Theo. Wynn takes them to Quarles' motel room, but they are being followed by Raylan and Art, who were watching Wynn's trailer. After Raylan rescues Quarles' hostage and arrests the Detroit hitmen, Quarles notices the commotion and flees to Noble's Holler to lay low. Limehouse tells Quarles he could hide out as long as he has the money, which Quarles doesn't. Unbeknownst to Quarles, Boyd has intimidated Sheriff Napier into turning on him. So when Napier calls up Quarles and tells him he knows a place where he could dump the drugs, Quarles walks into a trap set up by Boyd, who uses a Taser to render him unconscious, telling a couple prostitutes to strip him and tie him to the bed. Meanwhile, Dickie is released from prison, and tries to worm his way back into the Bennett fortune with the help of old associates. Things hit a snag when his associates are approached by Tim and Rachel, who use them to get information on the remainder of Dickie's money. Dickie's forty thousand dollars (independent from the real fortune) is seized by Tim and Rachel when Erroll presents it to him, but Dickie convinces Erroll to help him go against Limehouse to find the real fortune. Erroll eventually accepts Dickie's proposal, only adding that they are going to need someone with a particular skill-set to get the Bennett fortune, that someone being Boyd Crowder.

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Justified Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 The Gunfighter Jan 17, 2012
3:2 Cut Ties Jan 24, 2012
3:3 Harlan Roulette Jan 31, 2012
3:4 The Devil You Know Feb 7, 2012
3:5 Thick as Mud Feb 14, 2012
3:6 When the Guns Come Out Feb 21, 2012
3:7 The Man Behind the Curtain Feb 28, 2012
3:8 Watching the Detectives Mar 6, 2012
3:9 Loose Ends Mar 13, 2012
3:10 Guy Walks into a Bar Mar 20, 2012
3:11 Measures Mar 27, 2012
3:12 Coalition Apr 3, 2012
3:13 Slaughterhouse Apr 10, 2012



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  • Type: Movie

performed by Darren Criss; features Beelzebubs

performed by Johanna Stahley

performed by Maroon 5


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