The season opens on January 21, 1983, when a man wearing a defective parachute slams into a residential street. His body is surrounded by bags full of cocaine and an ID for a "Drew Thompson". Shifting to the present, Raylan Givens receives a phone call from a former acquaintance/romantic partner, Sharon Edmonds, who is now a bail bondswoman in Knoxville, TN. She enlists Raylan's help in finding a fugitive named Jody Adair, who is hiding out in Lexington and wanted by the Knoxville PD. Raylan finds Jody, and takes him into custody after a standoff in which Raylan subdues Jody by shooting the airbag in his Jeep, making it blow up in Jody's face. In Harlan, two teenage burglars invade Arlo Givens' old house and start breaking into a wall. They see the bag with an ID for a "Waldo Truth" in the wall, and are about to take it when they see a car with police lights approaching. They run out of the house without the bag. In the car is Constable Bob Sweeney, a local lawman who is tasked with keeping an eye on the old Givens house. Bob alerts Raylan, who shows up at the house with Jody in the trunk of his car. He and Bob find the bag, and Raylan stashes it in his trunk along with Jody. Raylan goes to a hardware store to inquire about Arlo's work on the house, and while there his car is stolen by the teenagers. Raylan, with Bob's help, tracks them to a scrapyard, where they were headed to dispose of the car. Bob provokes a scrapyard worker who gets the upper hand on him while Raylan is gone to check on the whereabouts of Jody and the teens. When both situations come to a head, and Jody puts a gun to one of the teens' head, Bob stabs the hostage in the foot and Raylan is able to get his gun and the bag back. After delivering Jody, Raylan visits his father Arlo in prison to ask Arlo about the bag in the wall. Raylan realizes the bag is a big deal after Arlo kills an inmate who saw the bag and heard Raylan asking about it.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these movies...

The Big Lebowski

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie
This Movie is referred to by Hole in the Wall part of Justified Season 4
Raylan makes a joke about the movie 'The Big Lebowski' to Rachel.
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It refers to these people...

Alan Furst

This Person is referred to by Hole in the Wall part of Justified Season 4
This is the author mentioned in prison. Furst writes spy novels.
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Isaac Asimov

This Person is referred to by Hole in the Wall part of Justified Season 4
Boyd quotes Asimov when he says, "I expect death to be nothingness".
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It plays these songs...

performed by AC/DC

This Song is played in Hole in the Wall part of Justified Season 4
This is the song playing in the truck when a parachuter falls from the sky.

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The Spies of Warsaw
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I, Robot
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The Positronic Man
written by and

  • Date:
  • Type: Book

The Bicentennial Man
written by

  • Date:
  • Type: Book

I.Asimov: A Memoir
written by

  • Date:
  • Type: Book

written by

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  • Type: Book
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Justified Season 4

# Title Air Date
4:1 Hole in the Wall Jan 8, 2013
4:2 Where's Waldo? Jan 15, 2013
4:3 Truth and Consequences Jan 22, 2013
4:4 This Bird Has Flown Jan 29, 2013
4:5 Kin Feb 5, 2013
4:6 Foot Chase Feb 12, 2013
4:7 Money Trap Feb 19, 2013
4:8 Outlaw Feb 26, 2013
4:9 The Hatchet Tour Mar 5, 2013
4:10 Get Drew Mar 12, 2013
4:11 Decoy Mar 19, 2013
4:12 Peace of Mind Mar 26, 2013
4:13 Ghosts Apr 2, 2013