Something Else is the seventh studio album by alternative rock band The Cranberries, released on 28 April 2017, through BMG. 
Track Listing: 
1. "Linger" (acoustic version)  
2. "The Glory"  
3. "Dreams" (acoustic version)  
4. "When You're Gone" (acoustic version)  
5. "Zombie" (acoustic version)  
6. "Ridiculous Thoughts" (acoustic version)  
7. "Rupture"  
8. "Ode to My Family" (acoustic version)  
9. "Free to Decide" (acoustic version) 
10. "Just My Imagination" (acoustic version)  
11. "Animal Instinct" (acoustic version)  
12. "You & Me" (acoustic version)  
13. "Why"

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