Emeralda, a.k.a. Emma, is the only princess in Greater Greensward. But she acts about as much like a princess as a frog does. She is clumsy with everything, including the magic touch she inherited from the first green witch centuries back, and has a laugh like a foghorn, or maybe a donkey! - but can it save her life? When her mother says she has to marry the stuck-up Prince Jorge from East Aradia, her worst enemy, she runs off to the swamp where she meets Prince Eadric of Upper Montevista. The only problem is that he’s been turned into a frog by the witch Mudine due to his insults. Emma thought nothing could go wrong if she kissed him and tried to reverse the spell. But her whole life changes when she turns into a frog. Emma and Eadric set off to find the witch that turned him into a frog and ask her to change them back. With what little magic Emma has learned from her Aunt Grassina, the current Green Witch, Emma tries to save Eadric and herself.

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