Sister gets her first loose tooth. When she informs Mama, she says that she will need to see Dr. Bearson, the dentist. Brother says Dr. Bearson will yank it out with his yankers, only to be chided by Mama for scaring Sister and says Dr. Bearson is a good doctor who handles dental problems appropriately. Mama takes both cubs to Dr. Bearson, with Brother being his first patient. Brother turns out to have a cavity! Dr. Bearson recommends filling it, but says it's only a baby tooth and not overly serious. Although Brother is scared of this, the procedure turns out to be routine. Sister is the second patient and she informs the dentist about her loose tooth. Sister is scared that he will use his yankers to pull it out, but he uses a piece of gauze to remove it instead, using little force save for a gentle tug. Dr. Bearson gives the tooth to Sister to take home, and she puts it under her pillow, discovering the next morning that she has received money from the tooth fairy in exchange for it.

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