Joe Leland, a private detective, begins a case for the recently widowed Norma MacIver. Norma requests that Leland find out everything he can about her deceased husband. Norma requests Leland personally because her husband had mentioned knowing him in the past. It turns out that both Leland and Colin MacIver both served in the same military unit, only at different moments during World War II. Leland interviews Colin's first wife, his mother, and the security guards at the track where Colin supposedly killed himself. Norma introduces Leland to her neighbor, and former therapist, Dr. Wendell Roberts. During their conversation, Wendell makes it known that he knew Leland's wife. It turns out, Wendell was friends with the man with whom Karen Leland had had an affair. As Leland's investigation deepens, he uncovers corruption and murder. Eventually, Leland discovers that Colin was connected to a homicide during Leland's earlier life with the police department as a detective. During the investigation of Teddy Leikman's death, a confession was attained from Felix Tesla, Leikman's roommate. Tesla died by the electric chair. It turned out that Colin MacIver was the true murderer. Joe's partner, Mike Petrakis managed to decypher Colin's coded notes, and reveal a paper trail of corruption.

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The Detective

The Detective

This Movie is inspired by The Detective written by Roderick Thorp

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