The heroine of the bestselling Outlander, Claire, returns in The Fiery Cross as a reluctant oracle and wife to Jamie Fraser, her 18th century lover, and facing the politics and turmoil of the forthcoming American Revolution. As the preceding novel, Drums of Autumn, concluded with Jamie Fraser and his wife Claire helping their daughter and new son-in-law, from the 20th century, settle into life on Fraser's Ridge, The Fiery Cross picks up the storyline exactly where it was left - with Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser and Roger Mackenzie about to make their nuptials official and baptise their son Jeremiah. With the American Revolution now only a few years away and unrest brewing Jamie is called to form a militia to put down the beginnings of rebellion in North Carolina, and risking his life for a king he knows he must betray - and soon. Gabaldon delivers the endings to several strands of storyline she had woven through Drums of Autumn, mysterious plots and characters are revealed in the course of this intricate plot - leaving the Frasers and their family poised on the edge of war.

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