The Queen's Fool by is a historical fiction novel. Set between 1553 and 1558, it is a sequel to The Other Boleyn Girl. The novel chronicles the changing fortunes of Mary I of England and her half-sister Elizabeth through the perspective of the fictional Hannah Green, a Marrano girl escaping to England from Spain where her mother was burned at the stake for secretly practicing the Jewish religion. Hannah is discovered by Robert Dudley and John Dee and subsequently begged as a fool to Edward VI. She witnesses and becomes caught up the intrigues of the young king's court, and later those of his sisters. Since Mary, Elizabeth, and Robert Dudley all use Hannah to gather information on their rivals and otherwise further their own aims, the novel can plausibly present each side in the complex story. The Queen's Fool follows Hannah from ages fourteen to nineteen, and her coming-of-age is interspersed among the historical narrative.

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