What songs have been played in Burberry Commercials?

Title Artist(s) Year Used
See Through Blueperformed by Beth Orton2018
I Foundperformed by Amber Run; features London Contemporary Voices2017
Fadedperformed by Clare Maguire2017
I Put A Spell On Youperformed by Duffy2016
Diminuendoperformed by Lawless; features Britt Warner2016
A Christmas Music Boxperformed by The Daydream Club2016
Diggingperformed by Isaac Gracie2016
Backdrop to Boredomperformed by Todd Dorigo2016
To Die Forperformed by The Bohicas2016
Me and Youperformed by Jake Bugg2016
Adiosperformed by Benjamin Clementine2016
I Won't Complainperformed by Benjamin Clementine2016
Marjorieperformed by Shannon Wardrop2016
Cosmic Dancerperformed by T. Rex2015
House of the Rising Sunperformed by Clare Maguire2015
Scarsperformed by James Bay2015, 2014
Shadowsperformed by Clare Maguire2015
Anything For Youperformed by Misty Miller2015
London Heartperformed by Tenterhook2015
Girl Under a Treeperformed by Sweet Baboo2015
Fireperformed by Wulf2015
The Way That I Liveperformed by Ed Harcourt2014
Wandering Eyeperformed by Ed Harcourt2014
Before The Afterperformed by The Intermission Project2014
Just Be (Acoustic Version)performed by Paloma Faith2014
Stripteaseperformed by F.U.R.S.2014
Clocks Go Forwardperformed by James Bay2014
I Put a Spell on Youperformed by Jeff Beck; features Joss Stone2014
Through the Nightperformed by Ren Harvieu2014
Tonightperformed by Ren Harvieu2014
The Magic Positionperformed by Patrick Wolf2014
Only Love Can Hurt Like Thisperformed by Paloma Faith2014
Man on the Moonperformed by Jake Bugg2014
Mistakesperformed by Lizbet Sempa2014
Deadly Sinperformed by Shy Nature2014
Soothing Me Soperformed by Victory2014
Introvertperformed by Squeeze2014
Homeperformed by Dan Croll2014
Lie Back (Acoustic)performed by Shy Nature2014
Benjamin Twineperformed by George Ezra2014
Walk Like A Manperformed by Ruen Brothers2013
Changing Facesperformed by Clare Maguire2013
Evergreen Loveperformed by Misty Miller2013
Happy Togetherperformed by Misty Miller2013
Another Loveperformed by Tom Odell2013
Sea Serpentsperformed by Babeshadow2012
Burning Benchesperformed by Morning Runner2012

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