Mildred Pierce

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Mildred Pierce depicts an overprotective, self-sacrificing mother during the Great Depression who finds herself separated from her husband, opening a restaurant of her own and falling in love with a new man, all the while trying to earn her narcissistic daughter's love and respect.

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Mildred Pierce
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Happy Endings:
Season:  2  / Episode:  2 
Baby Steps

This Television Episode refers to Mildred Pierce
After Jane hunts down the family who she donated one of her eggs to years earlier, she stalks the little girl, Dora, calling her her "egg baby". Brad tells Jane that the only thing that will come of the event is a Lifetime movie about her, starring Melissa Joan Hart. Jane wants to know why she can't be played by Natalie Portman or Reese Witherspoon. Brad explains that those two actresses don't do TV movies, but says that Kate Winslet cleaned up with 'Mildred Pierce'.

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Mildred Pierce

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Mildred Pierce
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