Sprung! The Magic Roundabout

Sprung! The Magic Roundabout

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  • Type: Movie
  • Genres: Action/Adventure, Animation
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The Magic Roundabout (released in France as Pollux, le manege enchante and in North America as Doogal) is a 2005 British-French computer-animated adventure fantasy film based on the television series of the same name. The film was produced by Pathe and the UK Film Council, animation done by Action Synthese and released by Pathe Pictures on 11 February 2005 in the United Kingdom and France, and The Weinstein Company on 24 February 2006 in North America. The plot concerns a dog named Dougal (Doogal in North America) who has to save his best friend, Florence, as well as the whole world, from being frozen by an evil spring named Zeebad.

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This Movie is a remake of Sprung! The Magic Roundabout
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