Surf II is a 1984 American independent comedy film written and directed by Randall M. Badat and starring Eddie Deezen, Linda Kerridge, Eric Stoltz, Jeffrey Rogers and Peter Isacksen. The plot revolves around Menlo Schwartzer, a maniacal mad scientist who creates a chemically altered soft drink which turns its drinkers into mutant zombie punks as part of a diabolical scheme to rid the beaches of surfers. 
Surf II is a contemporary parody of 1960s-style beach party films, mixing elements of the horror, science fiction, surf and teen film genres. Despite what the title implies, there was never a Surf I. Surf II was marketed with a number of subheadings, the most common of which was in fact Surf II: The End of the Trilogy. Although the film was received negatively by critics upon release and has never been officially released on DVD, it has since been rediscovered in recent years on VHS and YouTube, and is now considered a cult film.

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