Kevin McCallister was invited to his Dad's girlfriend's mansion. Kevin accepts the invitation, and has fun until he finds out that his nemesis, Marv, and his wife, Vera, are planning to kidnap the crowned prince, a visitor of the mansion. He floods the bathroom while Marv and Vera were in it. Kevin gets framed for the mess when his Dad came back to the mansion. When Marv and Vera came back on the next day, Kevin smashed their plans by sending them out the window. Natalie, (Dad's girlfriend,) sees the broken window, and frames Kevin again. On the next day, it was revealed that Molly, Natalie's maid, was Marv's accomplice. But Kevin was able to injure the three with traps. The police came and took them. Kevin's dad and Natalie saw it, and finally believed Kevin about the burglars.

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