Flynn Carsen travels to an auction house in England in order to bid on a priceless Ming vase on behalf of the Library. During the bidding war that ensues, he accidentally both outbids his competitor by going over budget and has a fight with his girlfriend on the phone. Once he has signed for the vase, he promptly breaks it open, revealing the philosopher's stone, the most powerful transmutational artifact in existence, known for changing any object instantly into gold. As his opponent bidder and henchman ambush him for the stone, he deftly defends the stone using a combination of historical knowledge and swordplay throughout the auction house, concurrently parrying his opponents' blows while the two debate the pricing of the items within. Once Flynn has won the duel, he proceeds to his hotel lobby, hoping to repair their relationship, only to find that she has abandoned him after a string of disappointments.

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