Flynn Carsen , a year after his first mission as the Librarian, has been on many more death-defying missions to protect the world from evildoers, including a trip to Utah to recover a mystical crystal skull. Upon his return to the Library, the audience is introduced to more mythic artifacts stored there: The Head of Medusa, the Trident of Poseidon, the Shroud of Turin, and the Pipes of Pan. He has moved out of his mother's house into his own apartment; but still feels held back by Judson, his supervisor. 
Meanwhile, at Flynn's birthday party, his late father's friend "Uncle" Jerry tells Flynn about how Flynn's father courted his mom. Flynn remembers the "silly bedtime stories" and the amulet his father had, which his mom says came from a secondhand shop. When Flynn goes home, he discovers that someone has trashed his apartment; he is ambushed and robbed of a scroll he received in the mail that day. It transpires that the scroll is a map containing clues to the location of King Solomon's Mines. Flynn, in typical high-adventure fashion, cannot allow the thief to find the rest of the clues and thus the mines themselves. Judson tells him that possession of Solomon's book, hidden in the mines, will give the reader of it control over time and space, so that the secret must be kept hidden.

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