The story involves a group of Western expatriates catching wild animals in Africa and selling them to zoos, led by Sean Mercer. After the character Little Wolf aka 'The Indian' is injured during a rhinoceros chase. He is rushed to the hospital at Arusha where he needs a blood transfusion. None of the team can provide the required rare blood type, but a young frenchman, Charles 'Chips' Maury can. 'Chips' is hired as a replacement for 'The Indian' as the international group tries to fill all the orders for the season. A wildlife photographer Anna Maria 'Dallas' D'Allesandro arrives to take photos of the captures for the zoo which will be buying the bulk of that season's captures. She is at first mistaken for a man because of the introduction letter she'd signed with only her initials. Due to the complexity of her name, she is nicknamed 'Dallas'. During her stay she becomes known as Mama Tembo (Mother of Elephants) for her efforts to save three baby elephants, culminating in a chase through the streets of Arusha in Tanzania. She also develops a crush on Mercer. There are romantic subplots between the other characters as well.

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