Diana Armstrong, a young, unwed mother struggles to make enough money to pay for her college education. Diana ends up working at a shoe store, when she meets Ronnie, and Tricks, two shady bisexual strippers that work for Dolla Bill at The Players Club. They convince Diana she would make better money stripping, by saying "use what you got to get what you want". Dolla Bill gives Diana a job giving her the name Diamond. Everything is fine until four years into the game her cousin Ebony comes to live with her and starts working at the club. In which Ebony gets out of control and more influenced by Ronnie and Tricks, who encouraged Ebony to do more out of club dances for parties of men. Diana tries to warn Ebony to stay away from "those two" and quit doing house parties, but Ebony not wanting to be told what to do because she is "grown" gets raped by Ronnie's brother, Junior at his party.

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