Coach Roy McCormick was once college basketball's top mastermind. His attention began to turn on what endorsement contracts he could secure instead of actually coaching his team. Also, Coach McCormick has a quick temper. He lets his temper get the best of him in most situations, and after accidentally killing an opposing teams mascot during a game, he is banned from coaching college basketball (again) until he can show that he can control his anger. 
Roy waits for a coaching position, yet nobody calls. Eventually he receives only one offer: the Mount Vernon Junior High School, coach Roy's former basketball team is looking for somebody to coach their basketball team, the Smelters. Roy reluctantly accepts the offer, hoping that a few weeks at the school will prove his good intentions and restore him to his high-living ways as a celebrated college coach. As Roy begins coaching the squad, he gets into a situation that he has never been in before and doesn't know what happened to him. He eventually starts teaching the concepts of basketball to his new team. With the teaching and learning done between the two, the Smelters eventually start having success. The success leads Coach McCormick to find what he has been missing all this time, not a big coaching gig, not a high-dollar endorsement, but his simple love of the game.

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Jump Around performed by House of Pain

Jump Around
performed by House of Pain

This Song is played in Rebound

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