Little Bo Peep and her sheep are the victims in this story that tips the hat to the Pied Piper of Hamelin as Mighty Mouse goes up against the wolves with a jazz soundtrack. 
Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep while out in the meadow green 
They wondered by some wolves who were sly 
And soon by these wolves they were seen 
These nasty old wolves dressed one of their kind to look like Little Bo Peep 
Out he did go with one thought in mind 
To capture the poor little sheep 
What bruts! What cowards! What fiends! 
What lamb chops. 
Mighty Mouse! He's off. 
And Mighty Mouse proves again that he's the champion of sheep and men. 
Mighty Mouse in Wolf! Wolf!

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Wolf! Wolf! part of Mighty Mouse / Super Mouse 1944

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