Popeye and Bluto are taxi drivers; they are, of course, competing for fares - and Olive, in particular.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This spot is taken, Bub. Ha ha ha.
Taxi! Hey, taxi!
Coming right up, Bub.
The Ritz hotel, son. And step on it.
Taxi, Mister?
I said the Ritz hotel, dagnabbit.

That rube was a healthy tipper.
Taxi! Yoohoo, taxi!
I'm gettin' this fare.
23 Skidoo Street, driver.
Woops-a-daisy. A ga ga ga ga.
Why that double-crossin' fare snatcher.

Uh oh. A train's comin'.
Mmm, there's something fishy going on around here.
I've had enough.
No fare is getting away from me. Oh, no.
You ain't eatin' no spinach in this picture.

Written Text

Associated Artists Productions presents Popeye the Sailor
A Famous Studios Production by arrangement with King Features Syndicate, Inc.
Direction: Seymour Kneitel
Animation: Tom Johnson, Frank Endres
Story: Irving Spector
Scenics: Robert Owen
Music: Winston Sharples
Copyright 1954 Paramount Pictures Corporation All Rights Reserved
Taxi Stand
This picture has been presented by a.a.p.
Associated Artists Productions, Inc.

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